Friday, September 14, 2007

Led Zeppelin ... and the naughty Swedish bits

Here's a little link to a blog post in Swedish featuring a picture that we at Radio Dupree think you should ponder this weekend.
It all has to do with this weeks news that the remains of Led Zeppelin will once again reform for a one off gig and already 20 million fans have supposedly signed up online for a chance at one of those 20 000 or so tickets that will be sold.

Radio Dupree is pretty sure that out o all those 20 million registered at the special ticket site at least 15 million are by fake ticket scalpers who plan to sell their tickets at inflated prices as soon as they get them.

Radio Dupree is also pretty sure that the picture at this link is the weirdest of Led Zeppelin we've seen. Click on the pic in the post to get the full black and white photo of Led Zeppelin in Stockholm 1973 accepting gold records for sales. Nothing strange about that ... except for the place and the arrangement.
The four members of Led Zeppelin stand on stage at the Stockholm strip/sex club Chat Noir. In front of them are a number of gold record awards propped up against a small podium on which a male and a female - both naked - are in the middle of "getting it on".

We'd sure like to know who thought up this photo opportunity. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. And have a great weekend! :-)

P.S. This post is not published to give Walter Becker any ideas for marketing campaings and/or cover shoots for his forthcoming album. If he decides to be inspired by this Zeppelin photo a few stratecially placed Sadowsky guitars might come in handy.


Gina said...

this could be part of a campaign and the guy's name is Zeppel.

'let zeppel in'

have a good weekend,


Neb and/or Siggy said...


This could of course be seen as a constructed way of getting more visitors to the blog using the words "sex", "Sweden" and so on ... but i reality it's one of the funnier rock n roll pics we've come across.

We've actually thought about trying to track down the pair in the pic having sex and get their point of view on the pic and the Zeppelin guys.

wildgirl said...

I worked at the club at that time when all this took place.


Neb and/or Siggy said...

Hi Wildgirl!

So you did meet the guys? Were they as perplexed as they look? Any info from that time greatly appreciated ... this blog could use a few more comments, u know ;-)