Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekly Top 10 - September 23

1.Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heartache - For Your Pleasure
=. Rod Stewart -
Get Back - All This And World War II
=. David Bowie -
Andy Warhol - Hunky Dory
4.Neil Young -
A Man Needs A Maid - Harvest
=. Creedence Clearwater Revival -
Heard It Through The Grapevine - Cosmo's Factory
6.David Bowie -
Rebel Rebel - Diamond Dogs
=.David Bowie -
The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction - 1. Outside
8.Yes -
Sweet Dreams - Time And A Word
9. Talking Heads -
The Great Curve - Remain In Light
10. Frank Zappa -
Imaginary Diseases - Imaginary Diseases
11.David Bowie -
Ziggy Stardust - Bowie At The Beeb

Looks like a chart picked right out of the 1970's! Bowie on four tracks favoured by our listeners the past seven days. One of them sharing the top spot with Rod Stewart from a rare album of Beatles covers and Roxy Music with a track from the groups second album. The cover model Amanda Lear went on to a career as a disco artist and the panther she has on a leash was pumped so full of whatever they give panthers to take the edge off and keep them in a friendly, mellow mood, that they had to paint the menacing eyes on the photo afterwards!

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