Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Steely Dan: Tour over and newsletter posted

The four month long Heavy Rollers 2007 tour of USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand is over.
Who knows when or where Steely Dan will play lie again? Must be at least a couple of tours left in the "machine"!

While we wait we can read the Steely Dan Newsletter sent out today. Apart from positive remarks about the just finished tour it notes that while Steely Dan takes a rest Donald Fagen and Walter Becker will pursue solo stuff like Donald's Nightfly Trilogy box and Walter's solo album:

>> ** Becker's second solo album release
will be announced soon.
For first-word Becker news,
and sign up for Becker's mailing list. <<

So how soon is "soon"? Must be sooner rather than later. So ... 2007? Early 2008?

Oh! And there's a bunch of new pics from the tour over on!

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