Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Steely Dan goes down under.

The Steely Dan Heavy Rollers 2007 tour has left Japan and will hit Australia and New Zealand next, starting at the Sandalford Winery in Swan Valley, Perth, Australia Saturday September 8:

With this being the very first time Steely Dan tours either Australia and New Zealand, Radio Dupree hopes that the fans have their tickets and have a really great time over the next couple of weeks and nine shows!


Anonymous said...

Hello fellows -
Thanks for all your Steely news. Perth was a lifelong dream come true for me, will also be flying to Sydney.

By way of correction, the track "Were You Blind That Day" on Souza's album is based on "Third World Man" (not "Time Out of Mind" as you post).

Keep the fire,

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Third World... and Time Out... - why do I keep mixing those two up?!
Thanks for the correction there Wally. The post has been adjusted accordingly.

From the reports we've read over at it looks like you're having a great time with Steely Dan in the country.

Please feel free to come back with a link to any pages with pics, videos, words regarding Danfests and the shows. Being on the other side of the planet doesn't mean we can't join in the fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks fellows. A mate was at Adelaide last night -- said it was brilliant -- and also said there was a THIRD act, just as there was at acoustic duo that he didn't recognize and didn't appear on any billing, poster, ticket, and etc. Played first. He asked a roadie what that was all about and was told something about Aussie law or is it a union regulation specifying that an Aussie act must appear on any bill of a US act. Can this possibly be true? If so it would be a silly shame as the Aussie opener plays for 15 minutes, perhaps just enough to satisfy code, and cuts into someone else's set (my mate guessed World Party's, as they only played 45 mins last night).

Oh yes, me mate said Black Cow was played, as was Do It Again, and Walt sang Haitian Divorce. Audience was appreciative but "sedate" as would be expected for the locale.