Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Steely Dan: New tour pics and album rumour

The Pics from the road link over on has been updated with a handful of pics from Japan and Australia. And the Heavy Rollers 2007 tour that began in May is almost done; one more gig in Australia and two in New Zealand is all that's left.

And a YouTube video of a cover version of Babylon Sisters is accompanied by a by YouTube-standards long text about the group Steely Dan ending with the paragraph:

In the upcoming November issue of Guitar World, Walter Becker states that Steely Dan are recording once again. The new album scheduled to arrive in spring/summer 2008 has a working title of "Suffice It To Say. . . "

The current issue of Guitar World on sale is dated September and not a word re: Steely Dan or Walter Becker can be found on the magazine's homepage.

Steely Dan's Everything Must Go is four years old by now, and when Donald Fagen's solo album Morph The Cat was released early 2006 he sounded in a "studio mood" raising hopes for another solo album and/or Steely Dan ditto.
Whatever the truth to the Guitar World quote above may be Radio Dupree has never doubted that there would eventually be another Steely Dan album.

If the quote proves to be true we will at least have a date to count the days delayed for the album from...

: : : : :

And finally the November date for Donald Fagen's Nightfly Trilogy that has been up on the official online store's page a couple of weeks now, has finally been confirmed in an email sent to us that pre-ordered the box this spring:

"Dear Donald Fagen Customer,

Thanks for your patience. The Nightfly Trilogy Music Video Interactive Box Set has now been rescheduled to a release date of November 20. We will be shipping all pre-orders on or around November 16. If you selected Express Shipping, you will get your order on the release date.

This box set has been readjusted a bit for the better: the box set will now include 7 discs-three MVI discs with all of the bonus materials, along with 4 regular audio CDs. The CDs will contain the original sequences of the original three albums; the fourth CD will include the bonus tracks (except for interviews). This way, you can take the audio portion of the box set into your
car or anywhere else you might not have a DVD player handy.

Donald Fagen Official Store

The news section on has also been updated with the latest info.

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