Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And the winner is...

Time to announce the winner of our little competition announced this Sunday, just hours before the first show of the Think Fast Steely Dan tour.

The subject of the competition was to name 15 songs that would be on that first night's setlist.
Not much time to come up with a entr but quite a few did. And the guy that managed to find eight correct songs is Matt Kearns!

A copy of the international version of Walter Becker's Circus Money is the price.

So what songs were played? What did the setlist look like?
We won't be posting it here. We did the mistake to do that last year for the 2007 tour, and got a few rightfully sour reactions from people who were going to see the band and didn't want to know in advance what was being played.

SO if you want to know the setlists you can snip on over to Hoops bluebook were they usually appear shortly after each and every show.

Judging by the setlists so far this year's tour looks like a very good one for the Steely Dan fan. We're sad we won't make any of the shows this time around...

*goes off to sulk and perhaps try to find that smile again playing Circus Money on repeat*

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