Friday, June 13, 2008

Great new Walter Becker and Donald Fagen interviews

Do not miss this interview with Walter Becker in Time Out New York. Lots of talk about the new album, songwriting and Steely Dan!
New insights even for those of those who have read each and every line written about the band, Walter and Donald.

ADDED: And here's a new review of the Wednesday gig in Alpharetta, Georgia. After reading the diehard fans reactions and thoughts it's interesting to read this review of the show written by a guy that admits he's not that familiar with Steely Dan but ends up with a positive view of the evening.

AND FINALLY YET ANOTHER ADDITION TO THIS POST: Another brand new interview appeared today. It's with Donald Fagen and can be read over at the Gothamist.


Gina said...

hey there.. i ordered 10 bumper stickers (check the rumpus room) with the c$ thingie :-)

should we think of a contest, Mizar5 and Radio Dupree...?

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Competitions? Competitions! We're as bad as coming up with those as we're making sense of the general whereabouts of the western world!


Due to a fleeing butvery real chance to spend time in the Capital of Sweden; good ol' Stockholm, I guess we could find a wall or three that coud be used for some serious and effective guerilla advertising in the form of a C$ sticker.