Friday, June 13, 2008

New Zappa release from the vault

This just in from
A new CD with stuff from the Zappa Family Trust vault.
Parts of this seems to be taken from The Impossible Concert, a collection of outtakes first put together by Frank Zappa ca 1976.
All tracks on the CD are produced by Frank. The CD is produced by Gail Zappa and Joe Travers.

The tracks:
01. Bathtub Man
02. Space Boogers
03. Hermitage
04. Trudgin' Across The Tundra
05. Occam's Razor
06. Heidelberg
07. The Illinois Enema Bandit
08. Australian Yellow Snow
09. Rollo

Since the Radio Dupree staff has heard several versions of some of this stuff that has been circulating for years we dare to speculate a little:
The title Space Boogers sounds like it might be another example of George Duke improvisations on the theme of space ships, booger bears and various touring folklore, a tradition during the fall 1974 tours.
Hermitage is probably a hard driving funk jam from 1974-75.
Occam's Razor might be a guitar solo from More Trouble Every Day 1974.
Heidelberg is most likely the 77/78 Yo' Mama (?) guitar solo included on the Guitar World cassette released in 1987.
Australian Yellow Snow must be from June 1973, a funny tape that has been around for a while but really deserves an official release like this.
Hey, Gail! The nest project would be a complete show with this lineup, the band with Jean-Luc Ponty!
Rollo, the last piece, probably works as the coda for the Yellow Snow suite. It can't be nothing else but a recording from Royce Hall (the two Orchestral Favorites concerts that took place in 1975).

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