Saturday, June 07, 2008

Competition time! Think fast and win!

Sunday evening marks the start of Steely Dan's 2008 Think Fast Steely Dan '08-tour. The first stop is Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.

What songs will be played? The same old chestnuts or maybe some surprises? List 15 tracks you think will be played and we'll see to it that the person with the most correct songs win a copy of the international version of Walter Becker's Circus Money album complete with the bonus track Dark Horse Dub!

Get your answers in before the show starts and we'll announce the winner Monday once we check the actual setlist and compare it with the submitted suggested dittos.

Once again: List 15 tracks that you think will be played by Steely Dan in Florida Sunday June 8. Send it to and wait for the show and winner!

This competition has absolutely nothing to do with
Steely Dan/Donald Fagen/Walter Becker and/or thei various managements/record companies/whatever. It's just Radio Dupree's way to make a little merry. We'll order and pay for a copy of the album once it is released mid-July.
We can't check this, but the competition is
of course closed to all involved in the Steely Dan Think Fast tour with one exception: Skip Gildersleeve may enter the competition just because he has a cool name!

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