Monday, December 22, 2008

Donald Fagen on Jean Shepherd

I can't say I've seen the movie A Christmas Story from 1983, but apparently Donald Fagen (and a whole lot of other Americans) have. In an article titled The man who told a Christmas story Donald writes about the man behind the movie; Jean Shepherd. A guy who worked on the radio and Donald used to listen to back in the day.
A great read, even if you haven't seen the movie ;)

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Ron said...


Thanks so much for this great tribute to the great, and yes surely flawed, Jean Shepherd. It's nice to hear that surviving era hipsters want to take a little time out to keep Shep's flame burning yet a little longer.

I only know Shep from the WOR MP3s, and the occasional special, like the one they ran on NPR. Oh, and I did read his interview with the Beatles. So I'm vaguely aware that even if didn't get the keys to the exec washroom properly, he at least got to use it from time to time. It's sad to think that troubles with keeping a level emotional keel undid him somewhat. He was a great American original.