Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Walter Becker "Circus Money" - Japanese SHM Edition!

Since the first version of the album was released June 10 this year, the words "more to come..." has raised the curiosity of visitors to walterbecker.com.

That phrase has been expanded to "Bonus Tracks, Extended Plays, Dubs, Remixes.... and more to come! This page should help you keep them straight."

July 14 saw the arrival of the European version with one new track, and in addition we can now expect a Japanese SHD release on December 17.
No extra songs if this page on the Japanese HMV store is telling the truth, it is comparable to the European version with the bonus track Dark Horse Dub.
But the SHM (Super High Material) pressing might tempt a fans to buy this the latest incarnation of Circus Money.

More on what SHM is can be read in these discussion threads:

What is this new SHM-CD?

SHM-CD format: Hype Or Hope?

And a big thank you to Scott for the news alert!


Michael said...

This is a great album i must say, i had to get get my copy, but the release of the Japanese SHD, i shall be getting that ones aswell.

I am the biggest Walter Becker Fan Ever, just had to share that.

Neb & Siggy said...

@Michael: It's a good album and the SHM technology is supposed to make it sound even better, but it looks like the audiophile world isn't totally convinced that a SHM CD is that noticeable better sounding compared to a standard CD.
We're looking forward to the dub version of the album, be it standard or SHM CD :)

Anonymous said...

Steely Dan - The Last Gaucho (Mess Mix, 2008).
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