Wednesday, December 24, 2008

God Jul! (*)

(*) That's "Merry Christmas" in Swedish.

And as Santa in Sweden delivers the gifts in person on Christmas Eve already, we're in the middle of the festivities here at Radio Dupree. Outside the snow is fluffy, plentiful and white (as you can see by the pic included in this post).

Just one thing to add, and that's a Christmas recording from 1968. A favorite. The Rotary Connection and Silent Night Chant. Click that link to hear in on another blog.

God Jul!


Gina said...

that's a very nice picture!

enjoy the holidaze :-)

angel said...

Merry Christmas to you both and yes, that is a STUNNING picture.

I have a similar advent ladder, except it's with real candles.

Carsten from Denmark said...

and a Happy New Year to you all

Neb & Siggy said...

Gina, Angel and Carsten:

Thanks for the kind words and a Happy New 2009 to all of you!

- S. said...

Thanks for the link! Happy New Year to you!