Friday, December 05, 2008

Mats and Morgan back in their old home town

Yesterday (Dec 4th) the masters of Swedish fusion returned to their old home town Umeå for a gig at the local jazz club. The place was sold out (of course) and the lads gave the audience their all, including some exotic dancing.
Keyboardist Mats Öberg and drummer Morgan Ågren are probably most known for their short collaboration with Frank Zappa, but they have managed to form a carreer with their own (very own) music. They grew up in Umeå in the north of Sweden, but moved to Stockholm in the 1980's. They recently played some gigs in Montreal, Canada, but returned to their childhood area for a concert on December 4.
The Mats & Morgan Band is nowadays narrowed down to a trio, with Gustav Hielm of Meshuggah on bass, but Morgan's brother Jimmy turned up with his guitar on the last songs which brought relief. The boys altered between soundscape-like music and their 100 % energy music-music.
But the show also provided some humorous elements. All of a sudden all the guys on stage stopped playing in the middle of a song and started cheering and screaming or performed a strange dance with bizarre choreography while playing.
Radio Dupree's reporter could only recognize three songs out of maybe fourteen or fifteen that were performed but the last encore was Paltsug, fer sure!

* * *

And from their Tourbook DVD we present as Weekend Music the little ditty Propellerhäst (Propellerhorse):

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