Monday, December 01, 2008

Tech news: How to kill your vinyl collection!

Do you have a few vinyl records at home? Singles, EP's, LP's... That stuff? And maybe you haven't played them in years thanks to getting rid of the record player.
We at Radio Dupree are seriously thinking about replacing our current studio equipment with this little machine; the so called Vinyl Killer:

More examples on YouTube and here's a link to a Japanese manufacturer of the car/record player. Apparently it does work as it's named; kills vinyl.

By the way; The Radio Dupree homepage has been updated!


Anonymous said...

You can take a styrofoam cup and put sewing needle through the bottom to get a hand held version of a gramophone. It's kinda neat, but probably won't add to the longevity of any vinyl you try it out on.

Neb & Siggy said...

A lot cheaper than the plastic car option. And I would think you get about the same (lack of) quality of sound from styrofoam cup + needle as the Vinyl killer.