Monday, December 29, 2008

Radio Dupree hommage to Lars Hollmer

As a hommage to Swedish prog music veteran Lars Hollmer, who passed away on Christmas Day, Radio Dupree has picked a bunch of songs from different eras of Lars' carreer. All tracks already spinning on our playlists.
* Dundrets Fröjder
A long grooving instrumental from the successful 1973 album Måltid by the group Samla Mammas Manna.
* Profession Är Amatörens Lim
A song with lyrics about writing a song for mum. From the 1978 album Schlagerns Mystik by Zamla Mammaz Manna. Didja notice the changed spelling of the group's name?
* Antsong
An Eino Haapala/Lars Hollmer composition from the 1981 album Zamlaranamma, by the group von Zamla.
* Boeves Psalm
Lars' song to his beloved uncle Bo-Evert. Hollmer's only hit record. From the album XII Sibiriska Cyklar released in the early 80's.
* Andra Ikarien
From the 1999 CD Kaka. Here they went back to the old way of spelling...Samla Mammas Manna.
* AKA Session
From Sola, a solo CD by Lars Hollmer.

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