Monday, May 04, 2009

"Downtown Canon" Walter's next single (Bonus Track + win tickets!)

Walter Becker Downtown Canon - a chessier look!One year and five days after Circus Money was released in the USA we'll get another single from Walter Becker.
June 15 is the date and pictured above is the cover. It's a digital only one track single, so no extra tracks this time. [wrong; see update below]
Just like the Somebody's Saturday Night EP the song Downtown Canon has been given the "Radio Edit"-treatment.

Looking forward to hearing it!

And looking foward to wearing it! The item below that is. Just in time for our switch from heavy winter wardrobe to suave summer ditto comes this perfect piece of classy designer t-shirt. We'll order a few.

Where? Here:

Better than a puke stained tunic

The brand spanking new newsletter from WB adds a couple of twists to the digital single. Quote:

BONUS #1: The 'Downtown Canon' single will be bundled
-- digitally speaking -- with the bonus track
'Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore (Demo)'
The second bonus is a chance to win a pair of tickets to any of the Steely Dan 2009 shows by correctly identifying what 1970's reggae track Walter used as inspiration for Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore.

If I were you I'd head on over to and sign up for the newsletter pronto.

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