Monday, May 04, 2009

Elton back in the charts! ... Will anyone notice?

Does anyone care about charts these days? Except record company executives, braindead writers for commercials and radio presenters?

Music is music and while I did find the world of charts fascinating up until not very long ago I've grown to realise that making the top of the album/single chart does not automatically make music better or more worthy.

Charts are still a way to get noticed. And this Sunday morning after seeing a copy of Elton John's Greatest Hits package in a pile on the floor I briefly wondered what my childhood favourite Elton John would do when the constant touring regime won't work any longer.

Little did I know that that very same Sunday evening I'd get a sign that may be the answer to my question.
Elton John is part of the brand new number 3 song on the UK chart; Tiny Dancer with Ironik featuring Chipmunk.
The refrain from Elton's Tiny Dancer being the hook helping this rapper score a hit. And Elton's part of the video as well:

As far as the video goes we'd not hand out any bonuses to the "creative minds" coming up with that idea again...

So with his own new and fine albums only managing to sell mediocre amounts, could this be Elton's solution to chart action and record sales? It's not the first time he's been sampled on a rap track. Must mean that his hooks from the (19)70's still work 30+ years later.
I wonder where Ironik (and Chipmunk) will be in 2040? :)

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