Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Elton John album in the works

Elton John's latest three albums; Songs From The West Coast (2001), Peachtree Road (2004) and The Captain & The Kid (2006), have been a return to form in a successful effort to get back to the music for both Elton and lyricist Bernie Taupin. And even though the albums have sold in the millions, they've passed by rather quickly and with little airplay. Outsold by yet a couple more Greatest Hits collections.

With his constant touring and the only hits these days coming from being sampled or collaborating with some young, popular singer/group plus work with scores for musicals and soundtracks there could - at least as this fan sees it - be a greater focus on the albums.

And it's been three years since the last one. Will there be another? The Captain & The Kid was a bookend of sorts. A follow up to Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy from 1975. And just like that album The Captain & The Kid was a collection of autobiographical songs telling the story of Elton & Bernie through episodes turned into lyrics.

Where could they take it next? That question will get an answer this year as a new album is scheduled and has been mentioned over on Bernie Taupin's new website:
A new album, featuring original material, from the legendary songwriting partnership of Bernie and Sir Elton John is planned for 2009.
And while I'm extendning our break from the Elton John tour again this year, I am curious to hear what the new album will sound like.

- Neb S (Elton fan since Teacher I Need You & Crocodile Rock back in 1972)

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