Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dweezil's got a new lead singer

Dweezil Zappa has had a tough task to fill the gap after lead vocalist Ray White's departure from Zappa Plays Zappa. But now he announces that he has found himself a new singer!
On the ZPZ blog Dweezil describes the difficulties with auditions etc, since no one seemed to good enough for the job. The test is to manage to sing the first part of Inca Roads. Nobody seems get away with it, but suddenly "a young blonde-haired guy walks in to audition, says he's heard the song before but never tried to sing until last night."
"After the solo the vocal entrances are pretty tricky, once again no mistakes. After the interludes and keyboard solo we entered the home stretch - no-one made it this far before."
"The final entrance arrives and... He completes the entire passage on his own..."
"Ladies and Gentlemen allow us to introduce you to Ben Thomas, our new lead singer."

That is great, Dweezil! I was beginning to get a little nervous. See ya in Stockholm on June 8!

The ZPZ blog: http://www.zappa.com/zpz/tourlog/index.php

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