Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Donald Fagen: Sunken Condos coming October 16

So here it is; the title of Donald Fagen's new solo album. Sunken Condos. Not that the record company or his own site has anything about it. Instead it was found today by fans for pre-order on as well as Norwegian platekompaniet. Amazon listing the release date as October 16 and Platekompaniet saying October 12.

At the time of writing the link seem to be down with a 404-document not found message, but we're pretty sure this is the real deal. As far as title and release date goes.

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How about a stroll down memory lane thanks to the Pinterest board titled Donald Fagen's fourth solo album:

UPDATE July 28: 

With the listing on gone within a day or so people have been unsure about the actual release date and/or title. Well ... it is still listed on the Norwegian site but we did a further look and here it is available to order as an import on

HMV in Japan:

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Amazon in Germany:

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It is not unheard of albums getting a release date just to be delayed for a few weeks or months, but with the arrival of the Internet this whole thing of announcing and releaseing a new record has become a difficult thing to manage for record companies, artists' management, PR-people et cetera. Here fans find information that in the pre-Internet days would've stayed with just a few persons.

Sometimes record companies "leak" stuff to get a buzz going about a new release, but our general feeling is that most of the time the info is published and someone somewhere in the chain of the business gets pissed off and may or may not have the power to retract something. Like a pre-ordering page online. All under the assumption that it somehow made all the pre-planning useless and down the line will hurts sales.

UPDATE August 9:

A bit more on the album here: 9 tracks, one cover.

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