Monday, July 23, 2012

Jon Herington's Time On My Hands coming August 3

It's about time we pointed you, dear reader of this blog, in the direction of Jon Herington's soon-to-be-released album. We've played (and continue to play) tracks from his shine, shine (shine) released late 2010, and are looking forward to get our hands on the new one titled Time On My Hands.

It will be out August 3, but you can go to Jon's homepage and listen to short snippets of the songs. It is promised to be reflecting "the bluesy, driving rock that had its gestation in the club scene" as well as "sly humor in the lyrics." And "the real treats here are the extended guitar solos, and for the first time on a record of his own Jon has decided to 'stretch,' though never at the expense of the songwriting, which remains focused, thoughtful and fun."

Guest spots on the album from Donald Fagen, Jim Beard, Danny Louis and Rob Morsberger.

A review on the album is available on Inside MusicCast's Facebook-page and they also have an interview with Jon done back in 2008 that you can listen to here. as well as an interview from early 2011 where you can learn more about the Jon Herington Band  = Jon, Dennis Espantman (bass, vocals) and Frank Pagano (drums, vocals).

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