Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Beatles rock on new compilation

This is the cover of an "online album". (No, you can't flip it over to read the liner notes on the back!)
The "exclusive" part of a collection of online files is more or less lost on someone used to physical media when it comes to music. But we expect quite a few aging fans of The Beatles will buy this latest repackaging just to keep the collection complete. And most likely younger fans as well. EMI says that
Tomorrow Never Knows is an exclusive iTunes digital LP featuring 14 of The Beatles' most powerful rock songs spanning their entire catalogue.
And there's no denying that the rock songs collected here are good:

1     Revolution
2     Paperback Writer
3     And Your Bird Can Sing
4     Helter Skelter
5     Savoy Truffle
6     I'm Down
7     I've Got A Feeling
8     Back In The USSR
9     You Can't Do That
10   It's All Too Much
11   She Said, She Said
12   Hey Bulldog
13   Tomorrow Never Knows
14   The End

Still ... we tried printing the "cover" on a piece of paper and sat there holding it. It's not the same thing as a vinyl album or even CD album...

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