Thursday, July 19, 2012

Entering Steely Dan country?

Can that Steely Dan country album become reality?
It was mentioned in a 2000 radio interview Donald Fagen and Walter Becker did at the time of Steely Dan's comeback album Two Against Nature. Mentioned jokingly. Or so we've always thought. We've even had some fun with the thought of a Steely Dan country album on this blog over the years.

But consider this:
On the dandom bluebook a danfan "JT" reports that during the current Dukes of September tour Donald Fagen together with Carolyn Leonhart yesterday performed a "beautiful, jazzy version of Love's Gonna Live Here (Again)", a big hit for country legend Buck Owens in 1963!

And Walter Becker in an interview for Mojo Magazine in 2000:
Country music can be quite funny without breaking step, it's sort of part of the songwriting tradition. When we were starting out, we were writing rock songs that were too funny and it just confused people and the humor in the lyric undercut the authenticity in the song I think.
And if not a Steely Dan album full of country songs, then what about Donald's forthcoming solo album? He's said that it won't have anything to do with the previous three albums that formed an entity. It's a new start. Perhaps that Buck Owens song during the show in San Antonio, Texas was Donald trying out a track from the solo record?

(Not actual cover of forthcoming Fagen album.)
We're not hanging up our leather chaps just yet!


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