Saturday, May 26, 2007

Steely Dan: New CD with old songs in June + book on Aja

It's a first: Donald and Walter pictured on the front of a record cover! The Millennium Collection scheduled for October has been moved to June. A smart move to get it out while the group is out on a world tour. No info on what songs will be on this collection, but its a mere 11 months after The Defintive Collection went on sale.

Added My 29: According to dimension skipper (see comments) the collection will feature the following tracks:
Josie, Rikki Dont Lose That Number, My Old School, Do It Again, Third World Man, Reelin In The Years, Only A Fool Would Say That, Deacon Blues,Time Out Of Mind and Any World (That I M Welcome To).

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Also look out for Aja in the 33 1/3 series of books written about albums and artists.

The writer is Don Breithaupt who interviewed musicians including Donald Fagen.

It's on sale now and on Radio Dupree's list of books to read this summer.

(Thanks to Gina/Mizar5 for the heads up re the book!)

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And finally a Weekend Music suggestion to Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery and Cindy Mizelle:
If they ever get tired of doing Dirty Work they could perhaps add a cover of this great disco classic to the Heavy Rollers tour?


Dimension Skipper said...

CDplus shows the track list as...

1. Josie
2. Rikki Dont Lose That Number
3. My Old School
4. Do It Again
5. Third World Man
6. Reelin In The Years
7. Only A Fool Would Say That
8. Deacon Blues
9. Time Out Of Mind
10. Any World (That I M Welcome To

(And that's exactly how they list them, though now it's a different order than it was when I first found the page.)

Dimension Skipper said...

Hmmm, upon further review it seems that that CDplus page randomizes the track list every time you refresh the page. Looks to be always the same 10 songs though. I have no idea what means, if anything, but it makes me doubt the list slightly since other sites don't seem to give even a hint as to tracks.

Neb and/or Siggy said...
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Neb and/or Siggy said...

Thanks dimension skipper! We never expected anything sensational as far as this set of songs go...

At the same time we're of course curious regarding what songs actually make the final cut.