Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekend round-up

Some Steely Dan bits & pieces:

They've added a couple more dates to the tour this week. It's Summerfest, Milwaukee on June 28 and North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands July 14.

Steely Dan merchandise 2007The t-shirts and stuff for this tour is up on But you can't buy it through the site, you have to get to the shows.

Talking of the Steely Dan Heavy Rollers tour: Gina's Mizar5/Rumpus Room site gives us short surprise snippets of songs as captured by video/phonecam by that roving attendee "ß". Right now it's Godwhacker.

And, finally, some "Weekend Music". We from time to time link to a video of not necessarily Radio Dupree-type of music that you may/may not enjoy. We do we know. Enjoy it, that is.
This time we went with our previous post about British singer-songwriter Nerina Pallot and her cover of Peg. No video to that one yet, but her minor hit from 2006 has one; Everybody's Gone To War:

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