Monday, May 28, 2007

40 minutes of Kate...

One of the ideas behind running an Internet "radio station" like Radio Dupree is of course the chance to play favorites that rarely will be played on mainstream channels wherever you live.

Right now we've added the second half of Kate Bush album Aerial released back in 2005.
It came as two CD's although it could've fit into one single CD if they'd worked at it. Kate said that the album should be separated into two.

We ended up with two CD's and have added the second part named A Sea Of Honey that you - according to Kate herself - should be listening as one single piece and not a set of songs.
So right now we're playing the suite containing Prelude, An Architect's Dream, Painter's Link, Sunset, Aerial Tal, Somewhere In Between, Nocturn and Aerial.

Is it wise and fine to add a 43 minute set to Radio Dupree? Add your answers in the comments and we'll act accordingly..

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