Thursday, May 03, 2007

Zappa's Buffalo = Great!

The brand new release from Vaulternative Records is probably the company's best product so far. It's a 2 CD set featuring an entire concert from October 1980. Until today some fans have not been too enthusiastic over that particular band: No percussionist and few intrumentals were some of the reasons for that.

It's my guess that many of those fans now will change their opinion, because this album is a killer! It features a well chosen set of songs and the musicianship is excellent. The mix is really great although one can hear changes in sound when the multi track tape runs out and the producer has used another source. When recording the concert they were probably using a multi track machine and covering up the tape changes with a cassette or reel machine fed with a 2 track mix.

Drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and Frank are the stars of the show.
I will listen to Buffalo a lot. Finally here is a message to you who would like to hear it too: BUY this product instead of downloading it. Thereby you will support future products of the same standard.


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And if Siggy says so it's good enough for us! Buffalo is our Album of the Month in May.
More on Buffalo as well as a Walter Becker re-release plus some other stuff on the updated Radio Dupree homepage.

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