Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Peg" + Nerina = A summer hit?

Nerina Pallot is a British Singer Songwriter who got a radio hit last year with Everybody's Gone To War. Now she's back with a cover of Steely Dan's Peg, predicted a summer hit by the website Popjustice, where you can hear a preview of the track: Listen here. There's a better sounding streaming link on her homepage.

It's also no coincidence that the first name she list under Influences on her MySpace page is ... Steely Dan!

Popjustice: "The song is a cover of a Steely Dan (ask your dad) track and is produced by Richard X. We think this sounds like a Top 3 single. We think your mum will like it. We think your brother will probably quite like it too. We also think that people who are off their boxes on ecstasy will find it quite agreeable while they sit on beaches in Ibiza. It is, essentially, a 'summer hit'."

What do you think? Give the version a listen and make up your mind. Feel free to comment here.
At the very least Nerina's Peg will help spread the name Steely Dan and perhaps even recruit a few more young Dan fans.

The single will be out early July.


Peter Å said...

"ask your dad"...blir lite förolämpad av det där...
annars var den väl rätt OK, kul om det blir en hit.

Carsten from Denmark said...

PEG will always be a hit and I love Nerina Pallots version too.
Thanks for the hint.
Best regards