Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Donald Fagen: We’re more philanthropists than perfectionists

Donald Fagen & Walter Becker. Photo: Danny ClinchDonald Fagen & Walter Becker. Photo: Danny Clinch

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in a short but well-worth-reading interview in am New York. Just click here.

We do like answers like Donald's take on today's pop music and his answer to the question if they like touring nowadays:
We adore it. It’s so much fun. You get to travel around and play for people. Sometimes they like it, and sometime they couldn’t care if you live or die.
And Walter's explanation of why the do the Internet request nights this tour sounds enirely plausible:
I had dream one night, and in this dream I was visited by an animal that was a cross between a ram and goat, with 14 eyes and six horns...
Go here for the rest of the answer ... and the whole interview.

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