Monday, July 13, 2009

So where's the report(s) from Italy?

Piazza IV Novembre, Perugia, Italy earlier today.

Due to a wonky internet connection at my hotel for the past few days + an urge to enjoy the stay outside doing "touristy" and other things rather than sit holed up typing text, editing video and fixing photos, I've decided to do it all once I get back to Sweden in a couple of days.

Vacationusly yours,
Radio Dupree's Umbrian envoy


Our Circus Money t-shirt says hi. It will also finish up its Italian reporting before the weekend.


Marco said...

I'm curious to know your impressions about the gig in Perugia.
I was there too...
I know you're very busy but... could you please post the setlist of the gig in Perugia...I don't remember the correct order of the songs...
By the way, your blogspot is great!!!

Gina said...

you are right to be enjoying your VACATION, because that is what it is for.
i hope others can value that as well? otherwise you should put Radio Dupree in your testament/will lol.

will see and read it all once you're back in Sweden :-)