Monday, July 06, 2009

Italian travels - 1

Radio Dupree's reporter relaxing

As you may know we've sent one of our staff down to Italy to see and report back from two of the concerts Steely Dan will be playing there in the coming days; Padova and Perugia.
Apparently he's decied to just enjoy himself in a vacation-like way, and let his t-shirt file the reports. Whatever. Here's the first one:

As I type this Steely Dan should be in the middle of the Rome concert. I hope it's all going well.

After a long day going from one plane to another I arrived in Venice where it was 27 C. Quite a step up from the 10 C or so when I left Sweden.
Saw posters of an upcoming Wynton Marsalis concert. The gondoliers doing brisk business with happy tourists and my owner moaning something about having to carry me and the suitcase over yet another bridge.

Observation: The sellers of Louie Vuitton bags doesn't seem to afford stores. They're selling them on spread out on the steps of the bridges just mentioned. Oh well... They seem to pass on the savings from not having to pay any rent for a store; I've never seen cheaper Vuitton bags!

After a couple of hours walking this town of water for the first time I found myself at the hotel, relaxing on the bed and listening to the mix of foreign voices coming in through the open windows.

Tomorrow I'll try to see a bit more of Venice before it's time to leave for Padova ... and Piazzola sul Brenta.

/Radio Dupree's Circus Money t-shirt


angel said...

Thank you Circus Money tee-shirt, for this fine report. :-)

Looking forward to your take on the concerts.

Carsten said...

Great to hear that the "Radio Dupree Reporter has landed" :-)
and seems to be doing well in Italy.
Looking forward to hear more.

Neb & Siggy said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. I guess we'll let the t-shirt get another chance. However, we do feel it would be wrong to let a garment review the actual show.


Gina said...

i bet your T-shirt won't shower until he's home...