Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Italian travels - 2

Our correspondent in the form of a nice looking t-shirt continues towards the Steely Dan show in Padova Piazolla sul Brenta:

After Venice in less than one day - including 30 minutes of rain - I managed to, with a lot of help, wrestle the Italian transport system and arrived in Piazolla sul Brenta where I'm staying at a Bed & Breakfast.
As you may or may not know Steely Dan playing here tomorrow is just part of a concert series held here in Piazolla sul Brenta this summer. A mix of musical styles and Italian and foreign artists.

Here's 47 seconds of Venice. And no, the music that can be heard is not Steely Dan busking in the background:

Tonight is some heavy metal evening and I swear that when I opened the window I could hear the music blowing this way on the wind. Still overpowered by the serenade the crickets decided to deliver.

Let me end with a view from my window here at the B&B.

/Radio Dupree's Circus Money t-shirt


angel said...

Nice vid of Venice. Tee-shirt, I am surprised you did not blow in the wind. The water seems quite choppy. :-)

Carsten said...

Yesterday, serenade of crickets soundcheck.
Today, looking forward to hear about the Steely Dan soundcheck :-)