Friday, July 24, 2009

Italian travels - 3

Two new friends found in Italy relaxing in the sofa back home in Sweden

A final report from Radio Dupree's Circus Money t-shirt:
Back home a week now, slightly worse for wear and reflecting on the trip to Italy.
As the original plan of me reviewing the Padova and Perugia Steely Dan shows was scrapped, I can concentrate on a couple of other things from the week in the warm and welcoming parts of nothern Italy that we visited.

The shows are covered in this post written by my wearer.

In the small town of Piazzola sul Benta (population about 11 000) just north of Padova, I was stunned to find that the legendary Italian sense of fashion had experienced a local blackout: I was the only Circus Money t-shirt in town!
In fact, the lack of Steely Dan apparel both puzzled and stunned me.

While casually walking down the street I did see and hear at least one pair of guys spot me and say something about "Steely Dan" and "tonight".
I decided to check out what was on sale at the arena. Not surprisingly all stuff marked Rent Party Tour was missing. That's the name of the US leg of the 2009 tour. While in Europe it ws the Left Bank Holiday Tour.

So I saw a white Left Bank Holiday t-shirt (€25) as well as a female Steely Dan 09 t-shirt, a keyring and a mug. Now, I am not quite sure if the mug and the keyring was Rent Party or not, but they looked like the stuff pictured here. You could buy the familiar black Aja t-shirt and maybe something more, but I concentrated on the LBH t-shirt and then the show.
CORRECTION July 25: The Left Bank Holiday tour mechandising is pictured here!

Highlight of the day for me personally was when Mr. Herington did comment favourable at me showing up there. A great guy with a keen sense not only for guitar playing but also spotting good looking clothes!

In Perugia a couple of days later I turned even more heads strolling along the Corso Vanucci and Via Baglioni in a city knee-deep in history and the ongoing Umbria Jazz Festival.

Once again the lack of Steely Dan t-shirts was obvious. And this time I didn't find anything for sale at the arena except the official Umbria Jazz Festival stuff. Might have missed the Steely Dan merchandising, but if it was there I doubt that it was any different from the Piazzola sul Brenta/Padova show.

All in all I had a great time. As great a time as a t-shirt can have. And I look forward to follow my wearer on his next Steely Dan adventure ... wherever and whenever that might be.

Keep clean!

/Radio Dupree's Circus Money t-shirt
All the Rent Party merchandise is pictured - but not for sale - at But since we haven't seen any pics of the Left Bank Holiday design we'll publish two photos here of the front and back of the t-shirt for sale at the shows:

CORRECTION July 25: All of the Left Bank Holiday tour mechandising is pictured here!

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angel said...

Hi Tee Shirt!!!!!

Thanks for the final report from my Country of Origin.

In regard to the swag from the Left Bank Holiday, they did show it, up unitl Wednesday, when the Rent Party Tour took off again.
I saw a keychain that I really wanted and if I had a single clue before the end of the tour that they had one for sale, I would have asked you, kind tee shirt, to buy it for me. A Rent party key ring would have been the trade off. Oh and learn.

Neb & Siggy said...

I usually just go straight for the t-shirt, but next time I'll try to keep "angel = key ring" in the back of my head).

I wonder if the official Steely Dan shop will ever open on They must have a few tours worth of merchandise to sell. Or do they just get rid of what's left once a tour is over?

angel said...

I never understood that either. There would definitely be a market for it...and any publicity would help, or so you would think. So hard to figure these guys out.

What I do remember about the Left Bank tour swag was that I thought it was really cool and that you got the best end of the naming deal. Rent Party vs. Left Bank Holiday.