Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steely Dan show tonight - July 29 - cancelled

Tonight's Gaucho + show at the Beacon in New York has been cancelled with a "reschedule to follow" according to

Next up of the Beacon shows are the July 31 The Royal Scam + and August 1 Internet request night.

UPDATE July 30:

The show is now scheduled for August 12. Tickets for July 29 will be good for the August 12 show.

Quote from New York Times:
A publicist for Steely Dan released a statement at 4 p.m. saying the cancellation was due to illness, and that tickets would be honored at a rescheduled performance on Wednesday, Aug. 12. Refunds are available for ticket-holders who cannot attend.

A colleague who attended the Steely Dan concert on Tuesday night, when the band played the album “Aja,” said that mid-way through the show, lead singer Donald Fagen told the audience that he had a cold but would “soldier on.”


monsterpants said...

Yeaaahh... I had a ticket for last night ($172), bought a train ticket from my home in Massachusetts to NYC (5.5 hours of travel, and $86.00), and had a hotel for the night ($114). And the fucking thing was canceled. I was SO pissed.

I'm not going to be able to shell out $200 to come on August 12 to make up for it. I do hope DF feels better soon, but I felt so completely duped to show up at the theater (in a TORRENTIAL downpour of a rainstorm, by the way) to learn I'd come all that way and spent that much for nothing.


Neb & Siggy said...

Sorry to hear... Not much comfort to hear that I did miss a show back in 2003; Toronto.
Cancelled thanks to the big blackout that very day and all I got to see was the white limo outside the arena. Then it was back home across the Atlantic trying to get a refund. Which I did. But I had rather seen SD in Canada ;)