Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Soft Parade - Album of the Month

Album of the Month on Radio Dupree in July is The Soft Parade by The Doors.
This was the 4th album by The Doors, released in July 1969 exactly 40 years ago. It did not turn out to be their most successful though. Many fans and critics did not like the group's experiments with brass and strings on the album. Others thought that The Doors had run out of good material, and considered several songs as "fillers".
Why do Radio Dupree choose this one for Album of the Month then? Well, we realised that we had heard the classic Doors songs over and over again, but most of the songs on this album were totally new to us. We are just curious and we want to explore the music of this era. And in the worst case, let's find out how bad this album is then.

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