Monday, January 18, 2010

Charlie Freak meets a German string quartet

Time to brush up on your German as you watch these four persons talk about and play music from Popsongs, an album featuring 15 covers of ... "pop songs". The persons in question are the Fauré Quartett from Germany. Founded in 1995 playing classical/chamber music they recorded the album Popsongs in 2009. And it is of special interest to us as it features Steely Dan's Charlie Freak and Peter Gabriel's Here Comes The Flood. A group and an artists often played on Radio Dupree.

And you get to hear some of Charlie Freak as well as bits of the Pet Shop Boys song Dreaming Of The Queen plus Chop Suey! from System Of A Down watching this video.

If you click this link you'll end up at the page for the album and can listen to one minute clips of all songs.

A link to the producer Sven Helbig's liner notes on each song. In German!

Tracks on the album. (Original artist)
1 - (Elliot Smith) - Between The Bars
2 - (A-Ha) - And You Tell Me
3 - (Feist) - Gatekeeper
4 - (N.E.R.D.) - Wonderful Place
5 - (Peter Gabriel) - Here Comes The Flood
6 - (Pet Shop Boys) - Dreaming Of The Queen
7 - (Polarkreis 18) - River Loves The Ocean
8 - (Steely Dan) - Charlie Freak
9 - (Beach Boys) - Our Prayer
10 - (System Of A Down) - Chop Suey!
11 - (Prefab Sprout) - Andromeda Heights
12 - (Ben Folds Five) - Don´t Change Your Plans
13 - (Ryan Adams) - Amy
14 - (The Divine Comedy) - Our Mutual Friend
15 - (John Cale) - Satisfied

It all reminded us of that other German-musicians-meet-Steely Dan-music record from almost five years ago; Hessischen Rundfunk Big Band playing Steely Dan. Here's a link - in German!


angel said...

OMG, that's it...the world has come to an end. Charlie Freak covered. lol

Carsten said...

Great job by Neb and/or Siggy,

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

We did find the album on iTunes and bought a copy. Fun!