Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 62, Donald!

Time for the annual "Happy birthday Donald"-post. Donald Fagen is 62 today.

But thanks to a tip from DimSkip we can add another piece of trivia to this post. Some semi-useful trivia in the same vein as our Aja-in-Thailand post just four days ago.

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This time it's about the premiere of a robot girlfriend from the company TrueCompanion. The robot is being unveiled in Las Vegas this weekend and although there are other songs named True Companion, we'd like to think that the Donald Fagen tune from the animated sci-fi movie Heavy Metal played a small part in inspiring the creators of what, according to this article, is "a life-size robotic girlfriend complete with artificial intelligence and flesh-like synthetic skin."
The female robot Roxxxy comes with five personalities including Wild Wendy, Mature Martha and Frigid Farrah.

Could a future personality update perhaps be named Pixeleen?

No actual pics of the robot girlfriend, but the price is between 7 000 and 9 000 US dollars "depending on features".

[Better keep it real -- or whatever.]

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Anonymous said...

This could be the next evolution in Poodle racing, that finally allows for Zappa's concept of Poodle racing, complete with heavy diamond dog collars of varying weight for handicaps. Mature Martha could mounted on the fake rabbit monorail of traditional dog racing tracks, and with the high end $9,000 model... well perhaps I should stop there.