Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elton + Leon + T-Bone Burnett for 2010 album!

As part of the world curious of what's next as far as Elton John recordings go, Radio Dupree has seen rumours about a rap album and more as the months and years since his last one; The Captain & The Kid. That record - just like the past few he's done - got great reviews and ended up selling more han 3 million copies without bothering the top of the charts in any major way.

We wrote last May about the new album coming in 2009. It was news we got from long time lyricist Bernie Taupin's homepage. That piece of news disappeared and no record appeared.
However, the final day of 2009 a new post appeared titled New album update.

In November last year Elton, Bernie and Leon Russell got together and wrote "a vast wealth of material that ranges far and wide and covers many musical genres."

And it is supposed to be recorded in mid-January with T-Bone Burnett producing.

So all we'll have to wait for now is a release date. And as we're not 100 percent happy with all of Elton's previous country influenced songs we are confident that Leon and T-Bone together with far and wide musical genres will keep the record from sounding predictable and without energy. Here's hoping they had a great time in the studio!

And we're also pondering a bit why not one sentence about this has been written on Looks like is the place for Elton John recording news.

At any rate we're satisfied the rumoured rap album from Elton still is just that; a rumour.

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