Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nappy releases the show that got Zappa hooked

When Frank Zappa's ex sideman Napoleon Murphy Brock did a brief visit to Sweden in December he mentioned his upcoming cd This is What Frank Zappa Heard - Just in Case You Were Wondering - Live at the Red Noodle in Waikiki, Hawaii.
It is a live recording of the show that Nappy and his band played in August 1973 when Zappa was in the audience looking for a new lead vocalist.

Frank got the tip from his road manager Marty Perellis that he should come to this club and check out this singer. Frank introduced himself and said "you are my new lead vocalist". Napoleon was not too enthusiastic at first since he did not even know who Zappa was, but a couple of months later he joined Zappa's Mothers. He and stayed until early 1976 and appears on albums as Apostrophe ('), One Size Fits All and Roxy & Elsewhere.
The Hawaiian live recording was taped on a TEAC 4 track reel to reel machine and includes covers of James Brown's Make It Funky and Carol King's So Far Away just to mention a few titles.

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