Saturday, January 23, 2010

Watch the Billy Paul doumentary "Am I Black Enough For You" here!

You've got until February 21, 2010 to catch the 2009 documetary on the great 1970's soul singer Billy Paul titled Am I Black Enough For You. That's how long it will be online.

We wrote about in March last year, but here it is online for a month thanks to Swedish Television. As far as we understand it it should stream/be viewable outside Sweden as well. But since we're not 100% sure; please, if you live in another country and are having difficulty viewing it leave a comment.

Click this link to view the documentary.

And we also found this; Billy Paul's own podcast series! As part of it is as the time of writing seven episodes hosted by Billy himself and wife Blanche talking to the people involved in making that musical magic in Philadelphia.

Go here to listen online or download the episodes!

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