Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Aja is waiting up on the hill ... in Thailand

Here's a not-so-wild guess: One of the persons involved in this house development in Thailand is a fan of Steely Dan. The whole thing is named "Aja" and look at the logo after we've qouted the opening lines from the classic Steely Dan song Aja:
Up on the hill
People never stare
They just don't care
The logo:

And what's for sale here? According to the website "6 villas in a gated community with a low density build orientated on site to ensure unobstructed sea views from every room. The project is embellished by an environmentally sensitive communal pavilion and finished to the highest standards to include a gym, pool, bar, massage room and sun terraces with natural rock plunge pools. "

So if you've got 19,500,000 Baht/588 237 US dollars/409 607 Euros to spare...

(As far as we know this development business has absolutely no connection to Steely Dan.)

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Gina said...

ha. now this is fun trivia :-)