Saturday, April 30, 2005

Carolyn for president! - "Some swingin' canary"

Carolyn Leonhart
Carolyn Leonhart

Not only did Carolyn Leonhart manage to be the first to add a comment on this blog, but she's also made one hell of an album!

Carolyn is busy!"The new one called New 8th Day is a big step forward for Carolyn. More direct and focused than its predecessor "Steal The Moon".

And while I wrote "I guess I'll feature a couple of tracks on RadioDupree's playlist, even though the stuff from Steal The Moon was met with ... indifferent to negative reactions by the listeners. Might work better this time around. We'll see.", I want to make it clear I liked "Steal The Moon" and even more so "New 8th Day".

It's full of life and has a sharper edge to it. Less laidback. Next on my list is to check out her work with Lyn Leon.