Saturday, April 16, 2005

Charge my credit card...

Carolyn Leonhart
Carolyn Leonhart

I've done it! For the ... let's see, third time. Done what? Bought music over the Internet, of course.

The first time was just one song to test the possibilities. Worked just fine! The second time was when the compilation CD Enjoy Every Sandwich - The Songs Of Warren Zevon was released. I ordered the CD but couldn't wait for it to arrive when I found out that it could also be ordered in lossless format over at

And now I've gone and bought an album again. After reading about Carolyn Leonhart's new CD and clicking the download option I did once again find myself over at And just entered my credit card info and a little over one hour later I had her new record New 8th Day on my harddrive.

I've converted and burned the ten tracks. All I am missing is the cover art and info about who's written what. I did find the band listed on the homepage.

Donald Fagen praises CarolynThe very first Carolyn Leonhart CD I bought was her debut Steal The Moon, after hearing and seeing her on the Steely Dan Two Against Nature tour back in 2000. She was one of the backup singers.
I started tracking down the various recordings the band members had been part of and ended up exposing my ears to a bunch of new music.

So it was not much of a problem getting Carolyn's latest when it was released this month.
I guess I'll feature a couple of tracks on RadioDupree's playlist, even though the stuff from Steal The Moon was met with ... indifferent to negative reactions by the listeners. Might work better this time around. We'll see.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Carolyn Leonhart here, doing a rare surf on the web and found your page.
Thanks for buying my CD! The SD fans have been so supportive of my solo career, and I just hope that those who didn't dig Steal The Moon wil consider givin my new CD a chance. I'm headin in a new direction musically, and I hope that some of you will enjoy it.
Either way, ROCK ON :)
Carolyn Leonhart