Saturday, April 30, 2005

Breaking news: I am going to hell!

No doubt about it. At least according to the friendly people over at

I was sitting at the computer when it signalled a new comment had been added to this blog. Happily I checked it out. But it isn't any comment at all. It's just another line of information or - if you will - spam, asking me to visit a page. A page where I get a counter counting the number of people who have died since I clicked my way to that page. And I am told to go see if I've been a good human being living the right kind of life. Good to know if I should happen to join the league of dead.

So I click my way to this page where I answer eight questions like "Have you ever told a lie?", "Have you gone to church regularly?" and "Have you ever looked at someone and had lustful thoughts?". Based on the answers I will find out if I'm going to heaven or hell when I die.

No surprise there...

The devil with a smile!

See you in hell!
Neb - doomed from the start.

1 comment:

RK said...

Thank you for taking a look at my blog (yes, it's just me). Unfortunately, you appeared to not finish all the way through the short quiz; in the end you would have understood the point. It's like a "one-two punch" without the "two".
Thank you again; hope things go well for you.