Thursday, April 07, 2005

Siggy goes west, act II


Everybody is just so polite and helpful here. They even shout "Thank you!" to the bus driver when they go off the bus.
That would not happen in Sweden...and certainly not in France I guess.

Have you ever heard of a radio station called KBOO in Portland, Oregon?
It's a community radio station. You can listen to them on the internet.

They play some music that you hardly ever get to hear. They choose topics like most other stations would not. This is a station for people who dare to think and discuss, I guess.

Am I too "pro-KBOO" here? Well, I just met some of the nicest people there today.
I got to talk to Don Manning, be-bop programmer extraordinaire. He started talking about Stan Getz so I did some name dropping to impress and mentioned the fine recording Dear Old Stockholm that was taped in my home country Sweden in the 1950's. I wouldn't say Don was cracking a smile but I kinda saw that I had hit the right spot.

Tweedle-dum...See ya' folks,

Sigurd Huckle
Station Manager

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