Thursday, April 14, 2005

Siggy goes west, part V

An Evening with Wild Man Fischer

Here in the US every store, company, radio station, sports team etc seem to have a t-shirt with their logo.
And since the t-shirts are cheap and in some cases I got'em for free I'll be loaded with them when I get back home.

It has been a wonderful trip and I have noticed a few things that are different here compared to my home land. Some useful information here for you first timers going overseas:
If you wanna go pee you should look for the restroom, they don't call them toilets, see.
I went to a couple of record stores mainly to look for CD's. I found some neat LP's, however. One was An Eve w/Wild Man Fischer in great condition for $35. It's rare and I could have replaced my old copy and sold it for maybe $50.

But I have learnt a lesson. Avoid bringing fragile LP's when you are going to spend 24 hrs on three different flights.

(Frank Zappa, Passaic, New Jersey, Halloween Night 1972. Remember? You were there, right?)

PS. This is my last report from this trip in the US.
/Sigurd Huckle

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