Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Siggy goes west, part IV

Siggy looking for sweet deals ... and oatmeal.
Hey! Time to go shopping!

It's 1 PM and I'm awfully hungry. The environment here offers a lot of food, but it is hard to find dishes a' la Scandnavia.
Yesterday I was on a sight seeing trip to a place outside Portland, Oregon, called Timberland Lodge. A place for downhill skiing.

Wasn't I surprised to see that the lodge is actually the hotel where Jack Nicholson went berserk in the movie The Shining!
This giant lodge was built during the New Deal thing in the 1930's and is a remarkable place to see. I've never ever seen such a big fire place. No Nicholson shouting "Here's Johnny!" though.

Now off to the grocery store. Wonder if they have a
porridge department?

Ta taa,

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