Sunday, April 03, 2005

Just another case of "Swedish sin"? Part 2

Lutricia McNeal CD-single

OK. First of all; forget about the "sin" part in the headline. It was just a cheap trick to get your attention. Then forget about the "Swedish" part. Lutricia McNeal is from Oklahoma City, USA.

Although she did get her break as an artist in Sweden in the early 90's and had her biggest hit in Europe in 1997 with her cover of Barbi Benton's "Ain't That Just The Way" from 1977.

Lutricia has continued to release records, concentrating on Germany/Scandinavia/Australia.
My personal opinion is that she's a woman with better voice than material. And her dance-oriented music will never make it to RadioDupree, so if you feel like sampling her stuff you'll have to click the headline or here:


The reason for this post is that I found the pic on her new single just funny enough to rise above the mass of Bush/bush-jokes we've all seen since George W took center stage.

Over at RadioDupree the homepage has been updated with a brand new monthly chart. As usual full of Zappa. A few other tidbits in there as well, including some info on a new Jethro Tull DVD.
Expect the page to be updated before the month is over, as April 16 is RadioDupree's two year jubilee. I've been thinking about giving away a CD or two, but we'll see what happens.

Oh! Finally:
Sigurd has packed his bags and will leave for USA Monday 4. He'll be back in 10 days or so, but I hope he'll have the time to find some obscure records while he's over there in Oregon. Happy trails, Siggy!

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