Sunday, July 01, 2007

Genesis live via satellite - how was it?

So how was it? Taking the car to Lövånger - one of 20 places in Sweden that showed Genesis Düsseldorf, Germany gig live in cinemas.

Well, we arrived and the cinema could take 200 people. Around 70 came and paid 165 Swedish kronor for the ticket.

You could buy food before the show, got coffee and a biscuit after and beer was on sale during the show. Still a far way from a rock concert.

And while the sound blinked out for tenths of a second around ten times during the show it was a great evening with a mainly middle aged audience. The picture was great and Phil Collins even aknowledged the audience in cinemas in three countries wathing the thing live. It was the next best thing to being there in person.

After the show - which was also satellite fed to Spain and England - we agreed that we'd do it again. Let's see what pops up on the screen the next time!

Siggy will give a review of the music on our updated Radio Dupree homepage in a day or two.

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The very same homepage is also the place where you'll find our Monthly chart of listeners favourites, but while we wait here's the weekly chart in all its glory:

1. David Bowie - Word On A Wing - Station To Station
2. Magma - Spiritual - Attahk
3. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Igor's Boogie, Phase One - Burnt Weeny Sandwich
4. The Beatles - Blackbird/Yesterday - Love
5. Genesis - Musical Box - Live
6. The Beatles - Within You Without You (Instrumental) - Anthology 2
7. The Moody Blues - Tortoise And The Hare - A Question Of Balance
8. Frank Zappa - The Dangerous Kitchen - The Man From Utopia

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