Monday, July 16, 2007

Steely Dan Europe 2007: SPOILER! Setlist ponderings...

So, based on what's been played so far on the Heavy Rollers tour, what can we expect to hear in Stockholm Tuesday evening?

Dirty Work, Bad Sneakers, Kid Charlemagne, Green Earrings, Black Cow, Aja, Peg, Time Out Of Mind and Godwhacker have all been played at each and every one of the European stops.

If they plan on playing all nine in Stockholm it leaves room for another four or five songs. This being a festival show they will probably cut the "normal" 16 song setlist to 13 or 14 like they did when they played the jazz festivals in Stuttgart and Rotterdam.
Of course, I can always hope that Sophie Zelmani who plays before Steely Dan cuts her set short or that Eric Gadd who is on after is late...

I would love to hear the newer stuff. So give me Two Against Nature and Godwhacker. They've been played during the tour and we're up to 11 songs.
Almost Gothic hasn't been played on this tour but is what I'd love to hear. How about something from Morph The Cat or Walter's upcoming solo album? Just wishing and dreaming here, but...

So we have a Danfest before and after the show. Just an excuse for Steely Dan fans to meet up and share the evening. Read more on the Danfest in Stockholm here.
The Danfest has very little to do with Radio Dupree. The connection? We're fans of Steely Dan. It's all the brainchild of Jim "Hoops" McKay who's been running and the Dandom Digest for Steely Dan fans for years and years. More on the idea behind Danfests here. Big thanks to Jim!
We here at Radio Dupree are just fans and going as fans!

And we will bring the mobile phone/cellphone to catch whatever action there is pre-show, show and post-show. I can't promise anything THAT exciting, but whatever I snap will be uploaded as it happens to

The actual setlist will be posted here.

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Just for fun as well as wanting to keep track of what might or might not be played in Stockholm, I've tried to collect (mainly from friendly posters on the Dandom Digest and guestbook) the setlists for Steely Dan's Heavy Rollers 2007 tour.

I've done it as a document using Google's Documents & Spreadsheets service. You can see the document by clicking here. I'll update it and maybe even get the time to clean up the spelling and so on. Excuse the mix of Swedish and English.
Finding a setlist mistake? Please mail us at

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Peter Å said...

Men de kan ju inte strunta i Babylon Sisters!!! Den har de strukit på de övriga festivalgiggen. Grrr...